Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mississippi Roast

Chuck roast
Hidden Valley ranch dressing packet
McCormick Au Jus mix
1 stick of butter
5 pepperoncini peppers

Put the chuck roast in crock pot. Sprinkle with Hidden Valley ranch dressing. Add McCormick Au Jus mix, a stick of butter, and 5 pepperoncini peppers. DO NOT ADD WATER. Cook on low for 7-8 hours.

Notes: I really enjoyed the flavor of this meat, but it probably isn't for everybody. If it sounds like something you would like, then try it. We couldn't find pepperoncini peppers so we substituted a few banana peppers, which apparently are a bit sweeter and not quite as spicy. I've seen elsewhere online that it is recommended served over mashed potatoes with au jus sauce. We didn't know that when we had it.

Source: My cousin, Michelle, posted a link to this recipe on Facebook.

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